I am Rob Cameron, a founding partner of Cameron Partners, New Zealand’s leading independent investment bank. I am on a journey that started with a specialist consultation related to discomfort in my right hand and rapidly led to a diagnosis of Stage 4 lung cancer.

I have already received a huge amount of assistance and guidance from health providers, family, friends and cancer survivors in this early stage of my journey. They have accelerated my way through the diagnosis, helped me navigate complex treatment choices, provided me with information and insights about resources I can mobilize (including my diet, mind and emotions) to live a high quality life and actively participate in my getting well, and have given me their kind wishes and thoughts. I know I will continue to receive their support on the journey ahead.

With that background in mind my adult children, Mark, Dan and Emma, and my prospective son-in-law, Emma’s Fiance – Luke, encouraged me to launch this blog to best achieve the following goals:

  • To provide others facing a similar situation the benefit of my experience and insights as I travel on my journey, and connections that may be valuable to them.The least I can do is to extend to others some of the compassion shown to me.
  • To provide family, friends and other interested parties  regular updates on my progress through this journey and an easy means for them to express support so that we can better use our time together on things other than discussing my condition.That helps me to avoid living a life which is unnecessarily ‘cancer centric’.
  • Employing the tool of social media to provide me with valuable connections and information that might help me map out my journey in a better way than  I could otherwise do.
  • To quash rumours that my illness has taken me out of the investment banking game.

It was apparently not enough for my children to come up with the idea. They have also done all the heavy lifting in getting the blog up and running and continue to support me in my blogging efforts.

Thanks guys. This is for you….