Treatment Update

Last Wednesday evening(13 July) I sat down with my radiologist (Trevor FitzJohn) at Bowen Hospital to review the results of my first PT/CAT scan since starting the Tarceva medication.On Thursday I then discussed these results with my oncologist,Richard Sullivan, to determine our plan going forward.

The scan showed that all tumour activity(mainly metastases in my right arm,hip and spine) revealed in the previous scan had ceased.Further, the primary tumour in my lung has shrunk.

This is a great result. A 30% reduction in activity would have been enough at this stage of my medication to indicate that Tarceva was working.A complete cessation of activity is the best result I could have hoped for.

In fact the postive result has enabled Richard and I to agree that ,instead of the planned six week scan interval, my next scan can wait for 4 months.

Reviewing with Trevor this and all my previous scans was an interesting exercise.It enabled me to appreciate the huge progress achieved(in terms of halting then beating back the spread of cancer in my body) from my initial diagnosis to the completion of my chemo treatment. And it showed that the progress has continued with the Tarceva medication-albeit after the “bump” in my journey I reported in my previous post.

I saw for the first time the results of the first scan I received during my diagnosis- in graphic detail. It showed that ,at that time, my torso and arms were literally riddled with tumours and metastases.It was a good reminder to me -and for anyone on the cancer journey -that there is always hope!

I know I have been lucky to benefit from the miracles of modern science and outstanding professional care. But I also know that the daily disciplines I have established in respect of the “integrative” approach to managing my cancer( using complementary therapies including diet,”PNI” ,exercise and a determination to enjoy life)have played a very big part in the journey to date.

And so has the support I have received from established and new friends, family and others.

Once again a big “thank you”.

For Maureen and me this is a great precursor to our overseas vacation commencing next week!

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4 Responses

  1. Bryce & Lee says:

    Fantastic stage report Rob. Lee & I are raising our glasses to you and bonne chance près le pont d’Avignon as I write. Cavendishee (which seems to be French pronunciation) has just blitzed the field today for stage 15 and you seem to be doing the same with your cancer. Each are hard won successes in their own way, and tomorrows stage is ayet another contest. Winnable but not every stage can be won.

    Very best wishes for the next stages

    Bryce & Lee

    • Chris Kerr says:

      Great inspiring words Rob – thank you for that. I am completing a chemo series myself for secondary stage bowel cancer and I totally believe in the power of the mind.for your interest I have benefited greatly from high dose Vitamin C infusion at the Centre of advanced medicine on Remuera Road – busy place with people for all reasons coming along – we gain so much from each other also.
      I met Richard Sullivan last year during my first round of chemo a great guy.;
      Keep up the great work , and all the best for your overseas trip.
      Strive and Thrive!

  2. Kathy says:

    So pleased to read your latest entry and hear your great news. I am sure a great many people will benefit from your story. Have a wonderful trip.

  3. Grant Kemble says:


    You continue to inspire. All the best for your trip – enjoy, and see you on your return.


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